A Survey of Women Artists Working in California, 1860-1960

The Los Angeles Times spotlights “The conservator who is bringing lost stories of California’s pioneering female artists to light”

Maurine St Gaudens and Joseph Morseman at ExhibitOn October 5, 2018 the Los Angeles Times writer, Carolina A. Miranda, wrote an article covering the story of search and work done by conservator Maurine St. Gaudens and researcher Joseph Morseman to uncover and cast light upon the forgotten female artists in Early Californian art.

Many of these artists had faded into the shadows, and even in their day they often would sign their works with only initials–thus concealing their gender.

Full of interesting facts and intriguing stories, we invite you to read the article via the following link:

Los Angeles Times Art Article on the Lost Stories of California Pioneering Female Artists