A Survey of Women Artists Working in California, 1860-1960

On September 25th, 2018, the Pasadena Star News art columnist, Michelle Mills profiled 5 artists included in the “Something Revealed” art exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of History that she deemed to be “standouts.” These included: Mary Stevens Fish, Vivian Stringfield, Mildred Bryan Brooks, Bertha Lum and Ruth Miller Kempster.

As Michelle stated in her review of the exhibit, “When you visit an art museum, you expect to see works of art by famous names. Not this time.”

Curator Maurine St. Gaudens states, “It was the collaborative work that strove to shed light on the accomplishments of these often forgotten and overlooked–but highly talented–women artists of California.”

“Something Revealed: California Women Artists Emerge, 1860-1960.”  is on view at the Pasadena Museum of History opening September, 28, 2018 and continuing through March 31, 2019.

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